Online Digital Art made easy. This post is about how I chose which gallery to use and why I dig my choice.

Creating an online digital art gallery has been an easy task. I needed a cool way to display my art where my friends, family and art lovers could view and comment about my art. I decided to make my own website as my experience with Netometry Website Design company gave me enough know how to make the attempt. Their specialty is SEO so I decked out my website with my best SEO skills. The decision of what form of gallery to use was the difficult part. There are many different types of galleries for websites. For my needs, I wanted to base my artwork in one place where I could create and display lots of galleries in lots of places including my website. I decided on a pro Flickr account, most systems accept the Flickr format which makes promotions easy and the Flickr community is really awesome and supportive. I appreciate the copyright options that come with loading an image onto Flickr, this will be very useful once I begin selling art prints and canvas.

After much research and deliberation, I choose to use a Cooliris gallery with my Flickr sets. The cooliris is just that, cool. I’ve added a cooliris gallery on this page so you may see how it looks and acts. The galleries are swift and modern and complement my artwork very nicely. I may still do some investigation for new and improved ways to show off my work in an online art gallery. Until I find something better, cooliris is a great choice.

Online artist galleries are popular these days but not the same as an online art gallery. LOL I know, sounds the same. The online artist gallery is a group of artists listed online in an easy to find format. The online art gallery is a gallery of art you can find online in one place.

Artist’s Favorite GalleryImpressionism Art GalleryMusic Art Gallery Abstract Art GalleryPortrait Art GalleryArt Inspiration Gallery

I hope you dig my online art galleries, let me know what you think about the cooliris. What online art gallery are you using? All comments and advice are welcome.

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