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Tegan and Sara Music Art
Tegan and Sara are my newest musical inspiration for art. Music Is Art series began in 2012 with Mlny from Royal Thunder, she is as beautiful as her vocals so I included her image in the artwork. It turned into a digital art series that includes lots of great music artists that I love. This year I am overwhelmed by the music of Tegan and Sara.
They are Canadian born artists who write some of the best songs I have heard thus far. All of the digital artwork pictured here was created while listening to my favorite Tegan and Sara album The Con. At my house, we’ve been echoing it across the lake’s cove for days and days. The acoustics sound so great bouncing off of the trees and water.

 Tegan and Sara Music Is Art artwork by Mary Clanahan

Tegan and Sara Artwork

The original digital copy of some of the images used in these artworks can be found in ccsearch. There are a few very recognizable images, I know, but every time I saw them I had to elicit edits in ways that reflect how I feel about the music this band makes. Emy Storey is beyond imaginative and Pamela Littky is amazing, their views are preferable to me. There are a few other artists who should and will be mentioned by the time I am done with the Music Is Art series. None of the works will be included in the store for sale. So sorry, this is the education part of my art. I use the priceless inspiration to better my craft and push my limits.

Tegan and Sara have a new album out called Heartthrob. The production quality is fantastic on this one and the writing is tops. The girls are at their best which is fun to see and inspiring to hear. I find myself dancing and acting the fool when listening to this album. Now THAT I love.

My favorite Tegan and Sara album is called The Con, it has inspired so much artwork. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am to the artists that have influenced and affected my work in such good ways. Anyway, turn up the music of my favorite album there to the right, check out the artwork and have a good time! Thanks for visiting! I am a fan of art and music lovers of all types.

Though I have been asked time and again, NO, art in the Music Is Art series will not be available for sale. I only wish to exercise my love for and inspiration from the music that I love. Below, you can hear the music that inspired the art shown. It’s my favorite album and one of Tegan and Sara’s best, The Con. All rights reserved for respective parties. i do not own the music or video. Follow its link to YouTube.

Tegan and Sara The Con Album


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