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Music Is Art Soley

Soley, Music Is Art I will be creating a digital art piece today for the Music Is Art series. My art inspiration will be a song by Sóley called I’ll Drown. It is my favorite song and has been for a while. I have created other art works to this song and other Sóley songs, they are some of my best work. It never fails that my artist bones begin to move, breaking free from their cob webs and corners when I hear Sóley’s music. Thank you for your music Sóley. I admire your point of view and never tire of your voice.

Sóley is in the studio right now creating her next album. Before going in, she asked for inspiration. I sent her a link to some of the artwork in this website and let her know that I had relied on her music for art inspiration many times, it’s only fair she get to do the same. I hope my art inspires anyone but if Sóley finds a hint or spark of musing from my art, I can pretty much call it a day having met my own life goals. The amount of confidence such a thing would endow my artist bones would empower me for the ages.

confidence + inspiration x art = the best I can do at being a human.

If I didn’t inspire you with this art blog post, tell me. I will try again with more gusto.

I will post the final digital art piece inspired by Sóley here when it is finished. Gosh I’m giddy with the very idea. It’s a good day for music and art.

The Art Inspiration
I love this song and figure why not let it help me express whatever it makes me feel. Turning up the music is a choice well made. Art inspired by music is just so much better. Rock on Sóley

The Sóley Inspired Artwork
This is the result of Sóley’s I’ll Drown on loop for the afternoon. I love it and hope you love it too. My new mantra was with me during the edit of this one, “keep it simple” it does help to create a piece that pleases me every time I see it. Nothing I would change about this one. It’s called Sóley Inspires Art, for the Art Inspiration Series.

Soley Music Is Art

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