Mlny Parsonz, Music Is Art

Mlny Music Is Art

Mlny, Music Is Art  Creating music inspired art while listening to Royal Thunder. The lead vocals and bassist Mlny Parsonz is a serious inspiration in my house, car and anywhere else I could get away with playing it. I begin this piece with an awesome live concert shot taken by John Mourlas. I love this band and was lucky enough to have seen them at a small venue in St. Louis MO CVI album tour. It was a big year for them, I’m name dropping but I am really proud to know these people, they are incredibly nice and exceptionally cool. Royal Thunder Rocks!

I jammed out to some live RT (see video below) and clicked this artwork out over about four hours. The original photos were taken by a great guy who is talented and should be mentioned. I would if I could find his name. You rock dude. The Mlny artwork is not for sale. I used about 16 overlays to make this one. I was in a digital motherboard background kinda phase. Still am. I dig the color and find this one to be my favorite out of the bunch. See the rest in the Music Is Art Gallery

Mlny Art Music Is Art artwork by Mary Clanahan

Mlny Parsonz Music Is Art

A Royal Thunder video uploaded recently. Not sure how long it’ll be online but there it is. The only long live show I could find right now. It kinda rocks so hard, check it out. This is what I listened to when I created the artwork above. It’s a blast and my job as a human being. Life gets not better for me, Mlny singing while I make art. Hope you dig it.

Royal Thunder Live Concert

No art in the Music Is Art series will be available for sale. I only wish to exercise my love for and inspiration from the music that I love. I do not own the video or music shown here but thank you for listening.

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