Living On Art Series

Living On Series began in 2012 and is on going. I will edit and re-edit until it feels right or I get out of it what I’m supposed to. There are a few series here that are intended for album art or music cover art. I kept the sequence solid and created a few mid-point edits so that I could return and create something original from early examples of a final piece. There aren’t that many images in this series as it does reach for the higher ground and should be approached with patience, caution and intent for growth. This art series has been called conceptual art and I did not argue. I like the term and have stuck with it for now. Enjoy and feel welcome to post in comments or share the images you like best.

Digital Art Tutorials

Digital Art Tutorial.. Learn how to make digital art with PicMonkey photo editor. I use the free online editor PicMonkey to make most of my overlay digital art. I usually use three to ten overlays, sometimes more with the city art series. Before I begin any work, I prepare each digital image that will be used as an overlay. I research the background of each image, being sure I may use them legally. Usually getting my overlay images from Wiki and Creative Commons helps with the rights of usage. Creating art with overlays is easy, the hard part is creating a new, believable storyline with old unused images. Click the link below to Visit Digital Art Tutorial page where I show you step by step, how to make digital art with overlays.