Layer wall art gallery displays art with a layer effect. I made these with Corel photo and art editor. I love this layer effect, it’s not easy but once you find a setting that best fits certain layouts, I go for those layouts and stick with my custom layer pre-setting which consists of about 25 separate numerical settings. I dig the outcome of my layer preset and I’m actually thinking about buying the Corel software to keep the layer art series going.Check out the rest of the layer art series in the Layer Art Gallery
Shop the layer wall art prints on canvas, posters, metal and acrylic at the online art store FIne Art America or visit the store app. When a wall art piece is very large, I like to keep it simple. Large wall art will fill a space keeping it simple will allow your art to live happily next to all of your other things. The seashell inspired layer art will look fantastic as a large wall print. The colors are calm yet complicated and the shapes are cohesive and contrasting. I appreciate the nautilus seashell shape, the layer art effect fits nicely.