Landscape Rainbow Mountains..  If you know me, you know that I love to make landscape art. Especially when there are a rainbow of colors and mountains involved. I have used this mountainous skyline as the backdrop of many of my art pieces. It looks great no matter what situation or setting I give it.

The rainbow of colors in this landscape are in honor of my loved ones, they know who they are and why I chose to give my mountains many colors. I appreciate the opportunity to connect, having strong relationships with family and/or friends is priceless for anyone. I adore my family and my friends who are like family to me. I have friendships that have lasted 30+ years. Much of my artwork is about connecting, I often use several images as overlays, adding them together in one piece to create a new joined work with more meaning than each image had separately. When I create landscapes, I let the lay of the land tell me what it needs to be and I listen to the entirety of the work to know when it’s right or complete. Making digital art is much like the relationships of family and friends. Each one is different in its own way and when put together, they form something completely original.

What does my art mean? Well, when it comes to the landscape above, I might feel that the mountains represent the stability of my mother, that the flowers growing beneath the mountains are me and my siblings or my dear friends. Maybe the rainbow of colors stands for a special cohesiveness, that we are all very different and exactly the same.

No matter what my art means to me, I hope that my viewers will find their own meanings and interpret my work in ways that are important to them. I thank each and every one of you just for looking. To those who share my work in social networks, a GIANT THANK YOU. You are the reason over 300,000 people saw my artwork last year. I love you all and wish you well.

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