Landscape Art.. A great way to spend an afternoon. I made this landscape with the inspiration of a photograph. I haven’t been able to venture outside lately to take my own photos so I’ve relied on the photography of others. This landscape art is in honor of all those who do such wondrous things with a camera. I am able to recreate the scene with my Adobe Photoshop but the real art here is in the capture of the moment. This is a terrific shot and I wish I could thank whoever took it in person. Alas, it was uploaded by an unknown person and ¬†turned into a free wallpaper sometime later. I downloaded the original instead of the wallpaper with hopes of finding the photographer. Whoever you are, thank you so much for the lovely photo that inspired my landscape art.

Was doing some reading about landscape art. I ended up at Park West Gallery thinking about Leonardo da Vinci. Of course Leonardo Da Vinci brought about a true appreciation for landscape art in the sixteenth century. It was actually his portraits that had caused the attention, with their rich, lively backgrounds. Others had come and gone before Leonardo but he gave life to landscape art with his psychological clues. Many believe da Vinci used his landscape to further express his art. The mountains in a da Vinci painting might stand for something very different from rocky earthbound protrusions in the background giving depth. da Vinci hoped that we would see past the mountain to what it represented.

Learn more about the history of landscape art, impressionism and Leonardo da Vinci at Park West Gallery.

The featured landscape art is called Windmill River and was created for the Landscape Art Gallery. To see more of my landscape art, visit the Landscape Art Gallery.