Inspire Artists

Inspire Artists

Inspire Artists.. I hope to inspire artists of all kinds with this new piece, Mother Earth from the Art Inspiration Series 2013. I made this piece with the means to inspire in mind which does matter to the end result. When I begin making a piece with the idea of pleasing myself, the work comes out very different from when I am thinking of others, artists, art lovers, stumbler and roamer alike. I think of how my art will make them feel.

One of the biggest favors I can do myself, is to not overwork my art, I do a lot of exaggerating because I can and I love excess in collage but with others in mind, my touch is much gentler and my layers less. I need more practice at not overworking so I’ll be creating lots more digital art for the Art Inspiration Series. I hope I inspire you with this piece, be you artist or not.  You are welcome to share it with your social networks if you feel it. There are share buttons at the bottom of this post, or you may copy the image. I really like the idea of sharing the inspiration. Thanks for hanging out.

Idiom Allied, inspire artists artwork by Mary Clanahan

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