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Inspiration Greed
Inspiration Forgiveness
Inspiration Confidence

Inspiration is an exciting topic, especially when speaking of art. The idea of sharing with you what inspires my artwork, makes me happy. I get to think in depth about something that really matters to me and I actually know a little something about., art inspiration or at least digital art inspiration.

A friend asked me, “what or who inspires your art?” The answer to that changes for me over time. I do return to those things, people and places that inspire me most. I try to keep a fresh ear, eye, heart and mind on the sounds and sights that make me glad to be alive. Music has pushed my art to its limits and has more than not, forced my artistic growth. The type of music I dig isn’t the important part. (Sigur Ros, Porcupine Tree, Sea Bear, Soley, Sin Fang)..

The important part of art through music inspiration is opening up to being moved. Allowing the music to push your buttons, might help you discover your truths and let go of your inhibitions before during and after a new art project. That might all sound like hedonism but I assure you, it’s only self-improvement and evolution which is always good. Trusting yourself to let your art out no matter what shows up in the end, is brave and needs the help of your most inspirational music.


Inspiration Peace

All art by Mary Clanahan.: Money, Jumper, Sight Unseen Blue, Obadike

Check out my inspirations  Sigur Ros  Porcupine Tree  Sea Bear  Soley  Sin Fang

Setting an artist’s path with choice of surroundings and influences is smart and fun. I like to turn the music up and get comfy before opening all of my editors and photo files. My music inspired art, gets lots of love and attention from friends, family, visitors and fans in Facebook and on the website. There is something special about those pieces. No matter what tools I’m creating art with, there will always be music for inspiration.

The Digital Art Gallery for Art Inspiration is brand spanking new but I will be adding to it soon. This very evening I’m working on a new path piece. I have gotten lots of response from the inspirational art with paths. I like making them, they let me consider the nicest things and nice things are necessary. The page Art Inspiration reads pretty much the same as this art blog post but it has the Art Inspiration Gallery. Enjoy the gallery, let me know which is your favorite, it would make my day actually.