Impressionism landscapes are fun to make and keep lots of art lovers visiting my website. The viewership averages have gone up 200% because of the ‘impressionism‘ searches. I love that you are looking for beauty, that you are many and mighty. I admire you all and find your search for art enough reason to keep creating. I hope you enjoy my artwork and it will make a difference in your lives, even a little. Thank you for searching and for finding me.

Landscapes come easy to my artist sensibility, it relaxes me and gives me an optimistic outlook. Something about nature and expressing how it feels to me through impressionism that just gets me. Impressionism is an art form that shows how it felt for the artist to experience nature. My landscape art is royalty among my all of my galleries. It gets the most attention, love and viewership so I feel the need to learn more so I can create more for the impressionism landscape lovers.

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Impressionism Landscape  by Mary Clanahan

Landscapes Impressionism