Impressionism Landscape Gardens, they are similar and different. The artwork below is as light and sweet as the color of pink. The artwork above is as deep and expressive as the color red. It’s amazing how such similar pieces can look and feel so completely different with a simple change of color. The impressionism landscape garden below is calming and reminds me of a cool spring day in a field of flowers. The impressionism landscape gardens above are much darker and makes me think of a hot summer day in the grips of humidity and insects. Both are beautiful, both are interesting and both are provoking but they are so very different. I love both but one is my favorite and keeps me looking in its direction. Which one catches your eye?

The feature image above is impressionism landscape art called Red Summer Garden by Mary Clanahan. To see more impressionism art, visit the Impressionism Art Gallery.

Pink Spring Garden impressionism landscape garden art by Mary Clanahan
Impressionism Landscape Garden Flowers