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Human Anatomy Art

Human Anatomy Art called Lizard Brain speaks to my funny bone. There is usually humor in my art when it has to do with humans. Human anatomy is always funny to me but I can’t escape the hilarity of our lizard brains. I’m referring to the oldest part of our brains, the brains our wily ancestors gave us to build upon. Build we have! Your lizard brain is actually called the limbic cortex, made up of a few small regions at the center of your brain. It’s a very primitive part of our brains that some call the seat of emotion, addiction, mood, and lots of other mental and emotional processes. We are driven by a part of our brains that will seemingly remain foreign to us. But, just how unattached are we to that activity teaming in our instinctive, reactive unconscious? Do we not have access to these most vital parts of our bodies? Maybe we do and we just don’t know it, yet. Pliability and adaptation are more than feasible terms to human anatomy, are they not? The malleable mutation shall inherit the earth and our brains will not remain a mystery.

Check out the full version of the human anatomy art Lizard Brain below or check out my portrait art.

Human Anatomy Art DNA

Human Anatomy Art by Mary

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