Garden Art, Path of Inspiration

Garden Art is a path of inspiration. Art can be influenced in so many ways. When life is not so adventure heavy or visually stunning, the smart artists will design their own influences. Creating work based on a carefully calculated direction can be as good as the real thing. Many artists do this, writers tend to throw themselves into odd life situations from early on, often unaware of their endeavor until using the experience in story form.

Write what you know, create art that is inspired by real life undertakings and sobering adventures that seep from our minds without manipulation. When you are lacking in your well or wealth of experience, and your knowledge base is limited for whatever reason, a good artist will seek out the most realistic virtual actuality possible. In this techno day and modern age we get to collect those varied experiences and interpret them as if truly lived. Reality is more subjective than ever. This is all good news for an artist who can not leave her home often due to illness.

I will ever long for worldly adventure for many reasons but I collect moments to use as influence and inspiration in my artwork and the lack of these would effect my art negatively. No matter how much access I have to the world, I need to express that juxtaposition of me and my reality through some form of art. The more outside influence the better when it comes to my art. I can redefine the term stale as it pertains to art if not careful.

Let’s talk about garden art and the path of inspiration The Path art series is a digital art gallery here in the Fine Digital Art site, devoted to art and artist inspiration. The pieces are influenced directly by other artists, music, poetry and much more. I love and revel in my collection of memories and life experience. I hope my art reflects that love. Speaking of love, art and a garden of flowers are a great combination! I enjoyed spending the time it took to create these Garden Art pieces.

Garden Path of Inspiration, art by Mary Clanahan

Path Garden Art Inspiration

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