Florida art is abundant and thriving, every day many artists in the southwest corner of Florida’s peninsula recreate what they see around them. With brush and paint, pencil and paper, computer and software, artists are recording for posterity and a wonderful self-indulgence, our common or uncommon experience. We here in the sub-tropics (snicker) are privy to the beauty that is the 243 different species of flowers we see just on the way to the store, the truth in tallness of so many palm trees that sway with joy, the blueness of heaven as it breaks at the horizon with sun filled oranges and tangerines. When privy to such, you must follow through with natural act of sharing it, in any way possible. Most of us reach out knowing that our pads will be a perfect vaca getaway and our beaches are the best on earth and that we always have room for more. We have a way here of needing to spread the wealth that is the sub-tropics, the green all year, this is what it felt like when I was a kid, wow can that be a real color kind of place.

Visit Naples Art Association for a cool website about local art and artists.  And from the United Arts Council, a list of  Local Art Groups. For a list of nice Florida Art Galleries visit NaplesFlorida.com  To see a great local museum, visit Artis Naples, it has so much to offer from art and Broadway to music and orchestras. I will be visiting Artis for sure!

I love it here in Naples and find the need to share its beauty in my artwork. I’ve been making digital landscapes for a few years now and have found joy in each one. The series will go on indefinitely. Yay. I receive enough fulfillment from the collection to keep making them in spite of what any one else thinks but they do get a fair amount of recognition. Being a Florida artist will certainly encourage phenomenal landscapes.

Florida and art go hand-in-hand. I hope to meet local artists and find a place to sell my artwork in an open market. Maybe the Saturday morning market in Naples.

About the art: The featured art print above is called Lovers Key Beach. I used the layer effect on this artwork, it seems appropriate for the Florida art landscapes. Layering settings are based on color and light, Florida is color and light! This is the last day of my trial of Corel PhotoShop Pro X6, I’ve had it for 30 days. I have enjoyed using Corel Pro, the effects were fun and of course, I fell for the topography settings that gave me my layer art. Corel’s ability to size for print is astounding, the massive number of pixels and still fairly small files was awesome. Adobe will tell me I can not save a file the way I’ve chosen because it will create a file that’s way too big to save on my pc but Corel never did that, it sized without problems. Not sure that I will buy Corel, have a few others to try out first.

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Florida Landscape Art

Boat Dock, layer landscape Florida art by artist Mary Clanahan