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This is a page about the art of family. A successful happy family takes work and realization. Keeping a family going is a true art form. I love that the art I made today called Cantilever’s Point, means different things to different viewers. For me, it’s a statement on the trusted though rusted structure of genealogy. What does it take to make up a family? It’s not just the splitting of fractals, and replication of working structures, there’s much more to it than that right? What happens when the newest in the chain questions the chain? Does it take more than tradition and similarity to hold it all together? Will we realize that every last one of us comes from the same family? Mitochondrial Eve, she was the most recent woman from whom all living humans today descend, on their mother’s side, and through the mothers of those mothers, and so on, back until all lines converge on one person. This is widely known as fact and has been proven but will it matter as much as it should? Having love for one another is rooted there in our mother Eve, our most common trait. Enjoy the art and thank you for visiting. I love you all and for those who need it, everything will be alright.

Cantilever’s Point by Mary Clanahan

Family Art

Hi Good Art Lovers! I enjoy having you all around the website. Big invite to stay and check out the galleries full of my digital artwork.
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