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Art and Digital Technology.. they are symbiotic. Digital technology plays a huge part in the art process in  this age, whether it’s utilized during the creative or presentation process, technology is an essential part of the practice. There are many who say yes, digital art is easier to create than traditional art, I agree to some extent. It is faster to make digital art, you may edit your work quickly and precisely and the duplication process is fairly easy. I do find though, the experience of creating digital art to be so similar to painting on canvas. I get caught up and lose my body and time, just like when I paint and I feel an emotional relationship with the final pieces, just like when I paint. I do find that my paintings have a bit more of my pride locked up in them as I am thoroughly aware of how much work it takes to make a digital painting.

I’ve watched and listened as many have discussed this topic. There have been heated debates as to the legitimacy of digital art in all of its varied formats but I have seen the appreciation of the world of art through technology as well and even find the trend of appreciating this newer practice much more. I hope that trend continues and we see many more artists trying their hand at the technologies available to any artist.

Learn more about art tools in the digital age with The New York Times 2015 article A Review of Digital Tools for Artists, Photographers and Writers. If you’re looking for ARTECH 2015. 7th International Conference on Digital Arts, check out 2015 ARTECH

The featured image is from the Portrait Art Gallery, it is called Mean Theory and is Art made with Digital Technology.