Impressionism Art
I love how it feels to begin a digital painting and live with them for a good amount of time I give them their titles, tags, comment and copyright. Digital impressionist landscapes are a familiar pathway now. I have made so many landscapes I could post one a day for 7 years and not show everything I’ve made. Went through a lot of them early on when I was learning, always learning. All day, Impressionism landscapes with flowers, with trees, with hills, with the shine of the sun across a field or the depth of the night in the garden, I made them with love, each one. These days, my impressionism is mostly digital painting over a trimmed, white washed and layered, pieces of digital images, swatches of once upon a time and my own dabs and dollops. I like to lay out the path, enjoy that I understand it and celebrate a set pattern of creation, exposition, adaptation and print.

You can see more of my art in the many image galleries filled with crazy amounts of my artwork. Find a few of those galleries in the drop down menu above. I am my biggest fan, that’s  the most important part.