Digital Fine Art.. Okay, I will be saying that a lot in this post because it needs to be said. Today I am downloading images off of Creative Commons for the pattern file where I keep digital images of patterns, textures, lights, colors, shapes and the like, that have digital fine art potential. Kitchen counter-top photos for example. Huge slabs of swirling gold flecked granite full of color and light. The idea is to use them in artwork. Backdrops, overlays, bits and pieces. It reminds me of going out berry picking in the woods, not sure why except that it’s enjoyable to go out berry picking in the woods. I also enjoy collecting things, digital vintage photos is as good a hobby as any.

I have certain formatting in mind when looking for digital fine art potential. no incomparable copyright restrictions, large size, useful texture, light, color, contrast, do I already have this and will it be cohesive with other digital fine art potential images in any way at all. Lots of great stuff to grab, my biggest problems are having too many options and seeing potential in everything. If I sit with it long enough, I can turn any old discarded digital image into art that I really like. Now, let’s talk about this fine art vs. digital art thing. It is a long time coming so I have no problem saying that digital art can be a complicated skill resulting in meaningful and beautiful fine art.

fine art


: a type of art (such as painting, sculpture, or music) that is done to create beautiful things

: an activity that requires skill and care


I am thoughtful of the fine in fine digital art.  I enjoy my job so very much. I hope you find my work worthy but it has been so much more than enough just to get to make it. I have learned tons in the last few years. I made a plan and stayed the course. I found out what I did not know and set out to learn. I sought out other artists with appreciation and discovered what appeals to me. I figured out the many tools at my disposal and tried as many as I could until I decided which ones were for me. Pretty sure I’ve earned at least partly, what it takes to create fine digital art.

I make my art now using only a couple of software editors. I ended up favoring the performance of PicMonkey royal and the worker bee Corel PaintShop Pro 7x Ultimate. I use Corel for print preparations, very large formating with small file size.

The featured fine digital art above is called Forest, by Mary Clanahan. Forest was made for the Impressionism Art Gallery. Adding an image gallery of some of my favorite digital fine art.