Digital Art Gallery.. I love having my own website. I gave it a re-design recently and I think it looks great. I love the large format, it helps to make my digital art gallery look the way it should. I find that I’m more creative when I know I can add my artwork to a website that will display my work properly. I use a Cooliris digital art gallery, you will see it in action by visiting My Favorite Digital Art Gallery.

The artwork on this page is arranged into a Jetpack digital art gallery and a Cooliris digital art gallery. I prefer the Cooliris gallery because of the amount of images I can show but I really like the look of the Jetpack gallery. Having the Jetpack gallery means I can add my own uploaded, post attached images to a gallery, allowing each to link out to the original post. The Cooliris gallery links to Flickr because it is populated with a Flickr album. I have the ability to share from each Cooliris image here but it shares the Flickr info and link not my website info and link. Each digital art gallery have good things going on but I prefer using the Jetpack for looks and local links.

The featured image above is called Exalt from the Art Inspiration Gallery. All artwork by Mary Clanahan.

Jetpack Gallery

Cooliris Gallery

[coolEye search=72157632538776469 how=album width=1080 height=500 source=flickr rows=3 theme=light opacity=.1 chrome=hide tilt=5 brand=hide toolbar=hide exactfit=yes]