Cut Out Layer Art

Cutout Art

Cutout Layer Art.. This is the latest art technique I’ve discovered. I used a free trial of Corel Paintshop Pro X6 to create the cutout art, by choosing a combination of settings, I get a wonderful topography look. When applied to the appropriate layout, preferably a simple portrait, I get a fantastic layering effect with a differential of color light and shape. The portraits with muted earth tones work best for me, makes skin tones look marvelous too. I will stick with this technique until my Corel Paintshop Pro X6 trial is over, thus creating a limited series. Corel Pro doesn’t have the sizing and print options I prefer but when using it to size for print, I get a smaller file with lots more pixels. I miss the print preview and wonder if I am doing it all right. My choices for CMYK are confusing, I would like to go back and forth from RGB to CMYK easily and at will.

There is probably a proper name for this type of art. I call it cutout-art because I have no other name. I have never seen other artwork that is similar so not sure what to call it. If you do, let me know đŸ™‚

The featured cutout art above called The White Flower is by artist Mary Clanahan. Below is an image gallery of some of my layer or cutout art. You can see more in the Layer Art Gallery.

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