City Landscape Impressionism.. This art series of five murals was created for a commission job but my customer asked if I could change the cityscape to that of his town. I said absolutely and now I have a few extra pieces that will not make the cut. I really like them, they are colorful and have so much life so I’m keeping them. Originally they were sized to 5 feet wide as murals for a city garden. I cut them into two pieces and sized them down for prints. I just created a landscape art gallery so these City landscape impressionism pieces will fit right in. I got great feedback about each piece so I know they will do well in my Fine Art America store.

I am still accepting commission work. I make lots of different styles of art, city landscape impressionism makes me happy but so does portrait art. Contact me by clicking my name Mary Clanahan or find me on Twitter @maryzenx. I will be taking commissions until I have at least five projects for the summer. I can make exceptions if your project is really interesting or surprises me. Please feel free to order any of my art prints in my FAA store.

The featured image above is one half of the first city garden mural. The image below is the other half. They are called City Garden in Blue. Visit Landscape Art Gallery to see more city landscape impressionism.

City Garden in Blue, art by Mary Clanahan
City Landscape Impressionism

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