Best digital software From what I’ve used so far, the best digital art software is Adobe Photoshop CC.  It’s a great photo and design editor but I am a starving artist so the older version of PsCS6 has plenty of options. CS6 Extended is a really great tool for design and art. The 3D editor is awesome and the drawing and digital paint tools are nice. I will not buy PsCC anytime soon, the price is just too high. Adobe does offer the Creative Cloud with monthly payments for those who want access to PsCC and all of the other software tools offered by Adobe. If I saved up my cash for the newest Adobe software of my choice, it would be much less expensive over time than the Creative Cloud, however, having access to all the software by Adobe is a great idea so the Cloud does work well if you need all the best digital art software tools.

I recently tried Corel PaintShop Pro and really liked it for its ease of use and many effects. The ability to save a very large image in a very small file is enough to buy the newest Corel PaintShop.  I made an art series based on the software options available from Corel called Layer Art Series. The newest version is called Corel Paintshop x9 Ultimate.

The best free digital art software I know of is PicMonkey. PicMonkey is a free online photo editor which thrills me to no end. Being the starving artist is much easier when I have a website like PicMonkey to create art with. I decided a few months ago to sign up for a pro account at the Monkey, it only costs a couple of dollars each month because I paid a full year in advance. Paying monthly makes it a bit more expensive. The tools and cool buttons I have access to with pro account are awesome! I have created some of my best artwork since joining the Monkey. PicMonkey is fully aware of the digital art I make with their software and they say it’s some of the best digital art they’ve seen 🙂 It makes me so happy that I get some serious support and inspiration from this company. They have also shared my artwork with others, which is so great, about 6000 people saw one of my artworks in one day because PicMonkey said hey look at this awesomeness. wow! Thanks Monkey!

To learn more about the best digital art software and list of all the software I’ve tried, visit Photo Into Art Software.

The featured digital art above is an abstract called Deco Motherboard Swirl, made with the best digital art software Adobe CS6 and PicMonkey by Mary Clanahan. To see more like it, visit the Abstract Art Gallery. I’ll post a small gallery of artwork I created using Adobe CS6, Corel PaintShop Pro and PicMonkey.