Best Artist List, Matthieu Fappani.. There is no wondering why this artist has made my best artist list. The ability to capture the reality of human frailty is an artistic quality I admire and find fascinating. Matthieu Fappani renews my interest in the faces of us.

I’ve always watched people, waiting to see them in those moments they would rather not have in public but are unavoidable. We are an amazing miracle that should be witnessed, we are art. Portraitists are special, they are watchers of humanity, able to search out the most vulnerable faces and see and show in a way that rocks true and endears us to them, unquestioning. Some artists let us love ourselves in ways that validate our pain and exaltation alike. I am honored to see what Matthieu Fappani has to show.

As if in a last effort, the models wanted to cover what they are: beings alone with their distress, their experiences. This art is as an allegory of solitude, an illustration of the difficulty of the human being to assert his individuality in contemporary society. –Matthieu Fappani


Matthieu Fappani Best Artist List

All artwork by Matthieu Fappani, to see more of Matthieu’s artwork, visit Matthieu Fappani’s website.