This is an art print called Sunset At Sea. Sunset At Sea is landscape layer art created with digital software. Primarily blue in color, the sunset shines a warm golden. I really love this one and am ordering prints for my southern Florida home. I have become close friends with the sun, I look forward to and admire every last sunset.

The art print Sunset At Sea by Fine Art America artist Mary Clanahan is available for sale as an art print on canvas, archival paper, metal and acrylic. Prices start at $11.70 for a standard print on paper and vary in price by size and type. The largest size of Sunset At Sea is a canvas print that reaches 84×47.25 inches, priced at $524.29. A size for every occasion and a price for every pocket.

For my home, I will be ordering the 36×20.25 inch standard print on archival paper, priced at $41.96. I’ll be making my own frame either out of an older in need of TLC frame or from scratch. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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