Art print called Pale Polar by artist Mary Clanahan.

Art Print Pale Polar

Pale Polar is layered graphic art created with two different digital software platforms. First I used PicMonkey to create my shapes and colors. I then opened my work with Corel where I edited for size and pixel quality. I gave the colors my favorite layer settings then added a polar effect giving the whole an even more cohesive look than the initial circles. The final work is lovely and will fit nicely in my interior design portfolio. Layer art has been a joy to make, the project is almost over as I have one day left to utilize my free trial. Maybe with Pale Polar, I will be convinced to purchase Corel Pro.


This print is available for sale at Fine Art America as an art print on canvas, archival paper, metal or acrylic. Also available, greeting cards and phone covers. Prices vary with size, standard 8×5 print $11.72.

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