Art News, The Sketchbook Project.. Yes! this is such worthy news. The Sketchbook Project is a crowd sourced library of artists books. Any artist may join the collection by purchasing a sketchbook, you may digitize your sketchbook.. On its join the collection page, TSP says “The Digital Library is the online companion to the Brooklyn Art Library. We’ll professionally photograph your book with our trusty digitizer and add it to the library for you to share with people from anywhere around the world.” 

Basically, your sketchbook could become a part of the Mobile Library, the Brooklyn Art Library and the Digital Library. Your sketchbook could also be checked out digitally by millions online. Brilliant! Check out more of the ongoing projects at the Recent Sketchbook Projects Page

I’ll let The Sketchbook Project tell you more..

The Sketchbook Project Art NewsThe Sketchbook Project is an independent Brooklyn-based company that organizes global, collaborative art projects. Our flagship endeavor is the Sketchbook Project: an evolving library that features more than 31,012 artists’ books contributed by creative people from 130+ countries. We also operate the Brooklyn Art Library, our storefront exhibition space in the heart of Williamsburg, as a home for all of our projects. The Sketchbook Project began in 2006 in Atlanta, GA and moved to New York City in 2009. Since that time, our small organization has grown into a worldwide community of more than 60,000 artists. By focusing on the intersection of hands-on art making and new technology, Art House nurtures community-supported art projects that harness the power of the virtual world to share inspiration in the real world. All of our projects are open to everyone.


Your sketchbook will travel to cities across the country. Below is our initial cities for the 2015 tour. Details will be added throughout the year. Check back often! Your book travels in style in our custom-built Mobile Library.

Anyone – from anywhere in the world – can participate in the project.


 Notifications: Keep up to date with your book, by getting notifications, every time someone views your book.

 Community: You are becoming a part of the largest collection of sketchbooks from around the world. The collection has books from over 135 different countries all over the globe.

 Collection: Your book will become part of Brooklyn Art Library, a NYC institution, open daily to the public and home to over 30,000 sketchbooks.

 Exhibition: Your book will be exhibited at museums and galleries across North America

 Cataloguing: You will have the opportunity to catalog your own sketchbook by tags, mediums used, location, themes and more! Your sketchbook will then become searchable in our exhibition kiosks system.

 Deadline: It’s tough to create when you have no deadline. We will give you one.


There’s so much more to learn about The Sketchbook Project, visit their About Sketchbook page.