Art Landscapes and Impressionism..  I’ve made lots of posts and pages on this topic. That’s because I’ve made lots of art landscapes and impressionism. It makes me smile to be so productive. I don’t know that they are all great but they are pretty good. I did have a couple of great moments though.

I worked on a city garden art project recently that got me going. I began plucking out city landscape and impressionism art like a mad woman. I love every one of the pieces that came from that project. I have added them to the website and to my Fine Art America store.

I’m glad I enjoy making art that is appreciated and I upload my work with confidence. Thank you to all those who inspired the city garden project. I appreciate your input, ideas and direction. You have inspired me to be great. Big thanks to Hamilton Ohio, a terrific city full of beautiful people. HUGS is a city garden project that I admire, lots of greatness going on there.

To see more of my art, landscapes or impressionism, visit the Landscape Art Gallery or the Impressionism Art Gallery. The featured landscape impressionism art is called City Garden in Blue. See more Hamilton Ohio city art in Facebook.