Canvas Prints.. Printing art or photography on canvas is a fairly new prospect. Printing art on canvas will lend to the life of the original piece, being a display painting is a tough life. To offer more value or worth, one may have a series or limited number of art canvas prints giving them more value When preparing digital art to be a print on canvas, you must consider sizing, dpi and your canvas materials.  A canvas print created with a digital photo or digitally created art, can be a very high-tech proposal.

In reference to art prints, dpi stands for dots per inch. The human eye can notice no more than 300dpi, it becomes unnecessary to assign more than 300dpi. A very large print on a billboard will be seen from a distance which means you will get away with using a 240dpi. Consider using high-resolution images. A higher resolution image will create a better looking art print on canvas when viewing up close.

There are lots of Adobe based tutorials out there about how to prepare your digital images for printing. You must pay attention to the sizing, resolution and the color setting choices for your print. Check out for great tutorials and how-to videos. There, you will find easy-to-follow video tutorials that will help you learn software, business, creative skills, and more. I do much learning there not only as an artist but as a facilitator of art. I still have much to learn about what comes after the editorial process of creating digital art but the learning curve is easy with so much info available online.

When transferring art prints to canvas yourself, you must choose acid free canvas for your art prints. Your frames should also be acid free. There are few other good points to adhere to. The Art Is Fun website offers great information about art and canvas prints. They will teach you how to choose the right canvas for your prints and offer access to an online store where you can buy ready-made canvas.

The featured art above is called Hamilton Ohio Landscape #6 of 21 by Mary Clanahan. You may buy a canvas print of this art in my Fine Art America Store.

Learn with this art print to canvas how-to tutorial YouTube video by BFranklinCrafts.