Animal art of Cats and dogs? Awesomeness. This post is about animal art inspired by cats and dogs or dogs and cats, depending on how to feel. The puppy in the dog art below has no opinion on the matter, I mean, did you see those cats? Woozer! African cats art amazing, cat art should include these brilliant animals. My dog art is usually centered around a dog named Stella, shown below on the right. She is a good, gentle dog who brightens my day. The silly German Shepherd puppy is inspired by my best boy Huxley, we will always miss him and long for his company. He is always in my art, even if unseen.

Animal Art Dogs and Cats

Wow that lion is serious 

.. it was a request and I obliged 🙂 Here for you other not so serious folks, some sweet fluffy loveable animal art. Yes please.