American History Art

American History Art

American History Art is fun to create. These are pieces I made for the Mapping Bridges Gallery. Hadn’t added anything new in about three months so I figured I’d give it some attention. Advancement and evolution of my artistic skills is obvious, I have grown an impressive amount when it comes to use of color, light and my overlays are much nicer looking.

The marriage between the six individual images I added to the art titled City Live Reveille (see below) is  important. These images must retain their recognizable parts but meld with several other recycled photographs as well. The beginning and ending of each image is carefully thought out before adding them to the piece. The result is a weaving of ideas, memories and moments into a new idea, memory or moment.


Art American History

City Live Reveille, Mapping Bridges Series, American History Art by Mary Clanahan

My originality has been dulled, blunted by illness that keeps me separated from the hustle and bustle of life, all the good parts anyway. I still need that life experience to make art I can be proud of without doubt. Part of the art is having lived it. I believe it is art when you truly know or understand something  enough to share a legitimate opinion or reenactment, a universal yet personal representation of your subject matter. I find I need to share my knowledge, feelings, evolution, whatever with anyone who wants to know. I can do that with art but if I didn’t have art in some form, I would find some other way to connect with people. The first thing I wonder when entering a room is if anyone there needs help in any way. I know this says something about me, I dare not venture what. My concern for other’s well being could very well be a burden if not for art. Relieved to have the artist’s touch, I will continue to create digitally until I lose my eyesight. That is a whole other ball of yarn that will not be a concern just yet. Does explain why I crank the art out like it’ll be gone tomorrow. Live well today my friends.

Thank you for visiting, I appreciate you.

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