Abstract Art

A Series

The Abstract Art Series began with the Spex and Glass Roosts pieces shown above. They spawned a great number of abstracts that fit right in with my style and express exactly how I feel and what I need. See more of the Abstract Art Series in the Abstract Art Gallery. To buy these pieces, visit my Fine Art America store.

Abstract Art Specs Series

This abstract art series of 4 is called Specs. I made it in 2013 with computer software, mathematics and imagination. You can buy art prints of this abstract art series and lots more of my abstract artwork in my secure online store Fine Art America.

Abstract Art Gallery

See more of my abstract art in the Abstract Art Gallery. I’ve been making these abstracts since 2009 so there are many to see but I am always willing to create new abstract art. Please, contact me for abstract art commissions. I’ll make¬†something special for you.
Abstract Art Spex Future
Abstract Art Spex Pseudo
Abstract Art Spex Affirm
Abstract Art Apex Prensa

New Art for St Louis

New art after hurricane Irma but it’s not about the hurricane. Even after such a storm, my art is still about loving others and equal rights for all. You are loved St Louis, every single one of you.

Art Portfolio Mary Clanahan

Art portfolio of digital artist Mary Clanahan including abstract art, cityscape art, impressionism art and digital art portraits.

Portrait Art Juliana

Juliana portrait art by digital artist Mary Clanahan. Portrait art inspired by music, gender and genealogy.

Hamilton OH Landscapes

Hamilton Ohio landscape art by digital artist Mary Clanahan


Architecture in art is a must study if you create cityscapes. Check out my art as I give a nod to architecture with a gallery of cityscapes.