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Steampunk Art

Steampunk Art

Steampunk art gets a digital art gallery in my website. I’m in love with this gallery! I’m gonna fill it with art that makes me feel like I might be a cool person. I know it’s more than likely, I might not be a cool person but why not feel like I might? I think recognize cool when I see it but, at this point in life, I can’t see myself as well I see others, Some day, I will be able to self evaluate honestly and without judgement, after all, I am an artist. Hopefully, future personal evals will include hints at coolness. Until then, I’ll make steampunk art and take part in random acts of cool.


Architecture in art is a must study if you create cityscapes. Check out my art as I give a nod to architecture with a gallery of cityscapes.

Absentia New City Portrait

Absentia is new city portrait art I made while listening to the Porcupine Tree album Absentia.

City Abstract Art

City abstract art called Building Archia Sunrise by artist Mary Clanahan

Cityscape Architecture Structure

Cityscape Architecture Structure is an art blog post to show the art called Structured Sunset by artist Mary Clanahan.

Cities of Art

Cities of Art is an art blog post about my city art cityscapes. See city artwork, image gallery of cityscapes. New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Boston and more.

Digital Impressionism, City Art

Digital impressionism of city art by digital artist Mary Clanahan. City art collection is available as prints Yay!

New City Art

New digital art for the city art series. My newest city art shown in large format with image gallery of city art series by digital artist Mary Clanahan

Building Hope Digital Art

Digital art called Building Hope, created for the city art series by digital artist Mary Clanahan. More cityscape art in a nice image gallery.

City Seams Cityscape

My newest artwork is called City Seams Cityscape created for the City Art series.

Manhattan Ghostly Cityscape

Manhattan Ghostly Cityscape is digital art created for the Cityscape art series by artist Mary Clanahan