Digital Galleries

Digital Galleries

Digital Galleries.. Welcome, Thank you for visiting.  My name is Mary, I love my camera Kodak Bob, we’ve been everywhere together. Bob has been a large part of my art and I love him. I’ve created art of some sort since childhood but it really kicked off when I got Bob for Christmas in 2005.  Lately, the medium that has kept me interested is digital art.  I use image overlays and digital paint, usually ending up with 25 layers or more .  The color and texture options are limitless and the easy save, share and order systems are priceless.

I post my artwork in many different places besides my website.  I also have a Google+ page and a Facebook page. I also have a Fine Art America store where you can find my art for sale as prints on canvas, archival paper, metal, acrylic and even greeting cards.

You can find all of my online digital art galleries  in the main menuEnjoy! Below are a few links to take you to my favorite digital galleries.

Impressionism Gallery Abstract Art GalleryLandscape Art GalleryPortrait Art

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