Digital arts, they are nothing new yet still so unknown to many. I use computer software and online photo editors to create digital arts. I love making impressionism landscapes, colorful and structured abstracts and making surrealism art about the human condition. I find that using PicMonkey photo editor and Adobe together, I can do just about anything I want. I can start from a blank canvas and paint digitally or begin with an image then apply overlays of other images on top. I can also combine those techniques. I use Adobe to improve color and light then size for print.

Digital Arts

The art shown here is a piece I made recently called Atlanta Earth Abstract. This digital art was created using an online photo editor and Adobe. I’ve been concentrating on the abstract art lately. I think it’s because I am slowly loosing my eyesight, the act of creating abstracts is much easier on my eyes than working in landscapes or the surrealism art. I don’t have to see as well and it’s okay if the resulting piece is a bit off or not as I imagined. When it’s an abstract, I judge myself less harshly. I hope you like it as much I do. Atlanta Earth Abstract is available for sale at Fine Art America.

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