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Oleg Dou

This weeks new artist on the best artists list is digital artist Oleg Dou. This artist got his first digital art software at the age of 13, a gift from his mother. Some of his first artistic portraits were created from his friends and teachers faces. He has since perfected the art of digital portraits.

Oleg Dou Best Portrait Art
Oleg Dou Portrait Art
Oleg Dou Art

Oleg Dou Achievements

  • 2009 Arte Laguna Art prize
  • 2008 International Photography Award artist of the year
  • 2007 International Color Award artist of the year

Senda Gallery  Laura Marsiaj Gallery  L’Espace Art 22  RTR Gallery

Best Artists Oleg Dou

Oleg Dou Best Artists List

What Oleg Dou does with his digital images is touching, extremely human and terribly fragile. I love his ability to edit his way to humanity, finding the best glow just below the surface of an ordinary photo. In seeking the dead side of the living and the living side of the dead, Dou has touched upon a curiosity that dwells in most. The humanity in a manikin comes completely from the viewer and artist.

Best Artists Oleg Dou

I find it extremely important to do what I do ‘beautifully’; Not for beauty itself, per se, but more so as a tool that makes my ideas both interesting and workable.

Being electrocuted when I was two years old is the first thing I remember.

Oleg Dou

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