Art Print Healing Hands

Art Print Healing Hands by artist Mary Clanahan, is digital art with a layer effect and enhanced blue colors. This art print is available for sale at Fine Art America online art store. Shop the art print Healing Hands at Fine Art America

Visit Fine Art America to shop for this print on canvas, poster or archival paper, acrylic and even metal. This print is also now on phone covers and greeting cards. Prices vary by size but a standard 8×5″ print starts at $11.72.

Check out the Layer Art Project page for more information about the project. There are lots of layer art categories, animals, portraits and landscapes and just a few. Visit the Layer Art Gallery to see more.


About this art: Healing Hands was created using online photo editor PicMonkey. It consists of digital image overlays with edits for color, light and alignment.

With Corel PaintShop Pro X6, I edited the work for exif and copyright info as well as size and print copy variables like color and light. When ready, I gave this work a layer effect with topography values of 80 by 6. I was unhappy with the broken edging texture so I added a softness to the topography effect.

I wanted to value the human touch in the original digital image with the shape, color, light and texture of layers.