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Art Prints of Hamilton Ohio by Artist Mary Clanahan

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Thank you to all the visitors from Hamilton Ohio, you are a wonderful community. It was a pleasure designing the community rooftop garden art, the art shown here are some of the pieces I made for that project.

The art in the gallery below will load slowly because they are very large files. I left them large so that my friends and family in Hamilton Ohio may print or resize to their standards and use. You are free to copy, save and share this city art. If you would like to buy a print on canvas, poster, archival paper, acrylic or metal, visit my Fine Art America store.

Art Print Hamilton Ohio Bridge by artist Mary Clanahan. This art print is now available for purchase at Fine Art America‘s online store.  To shop city art of Hamilton Ohio, Boston, Chicago and New York City, visit City Art at Fine Art America.

The art print Hamilton Ohio Bridge is a high-quality print on canvas, archival paper, metal and acrylic. You can now get this print on phone cases and greeting cards. A fun way to celebrate Hamilton Ohio and it’s fantastic people.

Hamilton Ohio art is digital art created with photo editor software. I used PicMonkey online editor to combine several overlays or digital images of historic and modern Hamilton Ohio. After collaging into the proper effect, I edited for color, light, texture and alignment.

I then edited for print with Adobe Elements, adding exif and copyright info and changing up the color settings to allow for the best possible color during printing. I usually end each new work with an edit for CMYK which rearranges color for best print quality. RGB color setting is primarily used for viewing your digital art online.