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Click the link and learn about Native American Art with the Native American Art website. They say that the great varieties of beautiful and innovative art works in all Native American art traditions span many centuries and various internal and external pressures. The development of the Native American art of painting, carving, and basket-making differed depending on the environment and type of subsistence of each Indian tribe.  Visit the Native American Store to see some great art by Native American Artists.

I love Native American history as much as I love creating art. When I combine the two, it thrills me to no end. When I need some good inspiration for the making of art, I go to the history books and Wikipedia to find those worth discovering.

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Native American Art.. When I created one of the pieces above called Squamulose for the Stratiform Series of 2012, I was researching the history of the Native American people who lived in the area where I once lived in Mid-Missouri. I adore history and find myself lost in the thick of it all the time. The Native Americans that lived in my area where had a full rich history. The Sioux and Osage of the Missouri and Kansas area had a great history together, a history of living in harmony and of much harder times. 

I am honored to make art with images of Native Americans as inspiration. I hope to be graceful and make good art. See more of my artwork in the Landscape Art Gallery or City Art Gallery. Visit my profile page and learn why and how I make art. The piece to the left is called Traditions.