Digital 2013 Art

Digital Art 2013

2013 Digital Art, it’s so fun to say and imagine. It’s going to be a big year for advancement in the arts. I am especially excited about seeing the digital art of 2013. There are more and more digital artists every year. Many of them are known for creating other forms of art, painting, sculpting, photography, more tradition ways of creating art. Going digital is a natural step for any artist whether they are building their own website or printing their photographs, manipulating previous digitized work into fresh new pieces. Eventually, with proper exposure to awesome image editors and magical software, these traditional artists begin button pushing, they manipulate their work using effects in ways effects were never meant to be used. Digital artists are taking part in a truly undiscovered frontier. What we do as computer artists is original and new. Bring on the digital art 2013.

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Check out the Best Artists List. It’s a list I made up but I will stand behind every one of the artists on the list. These artists are the best as far as I’m concerned. 

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