Impressionism, Landscape of Flowers

One of my favorite ways to express myself is to create impressionism landscapes. Flowers are such a positive subject matter, they always make me feel better.

I’ve been not so healthy for years now and when I become excluded from the world around me, I find comfort in my solitude by making art. There are times with I can not see or move very well. It helps to be moving forward through the world when I’m creative. I am thankful for this ability and think of it as a gift but I would make art even if I were really bad at it 🙂 There is so much good in making art, it is for everyone. Even if your artwork is less than good art, that act of making it is the true art form. How you feel when creating your art is priceless and can give a not so healthy person a healing experience. So go make your own impressionism landscape of flowers.

If you would like to make some art, visit PicMonkey and upload a photo then begin to heal. To learn more about how I make my digital art, visit Learn How to Create Digital Art where you will learn how to prepare your images for artwork then visit How to Make Digital Art for a step by step tutorial about how I make my digital art.

Thank you for visiting and contact me here with any questions about your art or mine.

The featured image is impressionism landscape of flowers called Hill Bridge. To see more landscape art or impressionism, check out Landscape Art Gallery and Impressionism Art Gallery.



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